Wall Mounting Android Capacitive Touch Display
Product Features

Product Introduction

LED Backlight Panel

More colors and higher brightness, Lower consumption and heat with longer lifetime

High Accuracy 10 Points Capacitive Touch Display

Equal iPad in touch experience, upto 10 points touch

Super Fast Touch Response Speed

Metal mesh capacitive touch technology, Fast drawing and writing with stable system inside

Lifetime Upto 50000 Hours

Commercial grade panel with LED backlight, much longer life than consumer TV

Support 7x24 Usage

By using commercial grade parts inside, it support 7x24x365 continuous usage

Super Slim Round Corner with Aluminium Frame Design

Slim body and round corner, state of the art design

Tempered Glass on Surface

The protective tempered glass prevent collision, waterproof, safe and durable, Easy for routine maintenance


Cable and wireless network connection

Strong Quad Core Android Inside

High performance processor inside, fast response speed

Commercial Grade Parts

Full metal sheet enclosure, strong anti-interference in public place

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Model: W215CA/W320CA/W430CA/W490CA/W550CA